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- Tenant Credit Report
- Prior Eviction Search (InstaEviction)
- Tenant Criminal Background Check
- Employer Reference Check
- Personal Reference Check
- Tenant Score Card
List of Products
Searching and retrieving information is as easy as logging into our server with your username and password, typing the tenant’s information and pressing the confirmation button, that's it. Our data is the most reliable, comprehensive, and current and it is in compliance with all federal, state and local laws. Landlords and property managers across the country have come to trust us for our advanced tenant solutions, industry leading turnaround times, and highly affordable products. We serve over 20,000 customers nationwide. (Description of Products)
We offer a web-based tenant screening service that was designed to save time, money and increase staff productivity. We offer a wide variety tenant background screening tools to aid you in identifying quality tenants that are more likely to pay rent on time, less apt to be disruptive tenants, protect your property and generally stay for longer periods of time.