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Employer Verification Check

One of the most involved tasks in tenant background screening is contacting the employer.  As you know, when performing the employer background check, much of your time is spent tracking down someone to speak to on the phone, the person you need to talk with continues not to be  available, having to remind the tenant to fax back the form and having to listen to the same excuses.

This process can be time consuming. For this reason many landlords and property managers opt not to do employer background checks. I can't tell you how important and valuable this information can be. There are those occasions when you may learn that this prospective tenant no longer works for the company or better yet has never worked for the company.

You may learn that the prospective tenant was just laid off from work. Or at worse the employee was fired for selling drugs on the company's premises. You may also learn that the stated income by the prospective tenant differs from what the employer reports.  At Landlord Tenant Screening, we can perform you employer checks saving you time and money. Please see our fees, it's a price we guaranty you can afford. Turnaround time is usually 36 hours.

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